Loops II for vibraphone by Philippe Hurel

…As If Time Would Heal By Its Passing for marimba by Stuart Saunders Smith

Black and Blue for marimba by Shawn Michalek

Velocities for marimba by Joseph Schwantner

Reflecting Space III for percussion and electronics by Kenji Sakai

Caprices 5-6 for percussion and electronics by Luis Naon

Mathematics of Resonant Bodies [mvts 1 & 4] for percussion and electronics by John Luther Adams

Unsouding Objects [no.1-2] for SpectraSurface by Preston Beebe

Psappha for percussion by Iannis Xenakis

Rebonds B for percussion by Iannis Xenakis

Impressions [mvt 1] for snare drum by Nicolas Martynciow

Duo – Trio

Kontakte for percussion, piano, and electronics by Karlheinz Stockhausen

In Common for vibraphone and flute by Stuart Saunders Smith

Bunker for two percussionists by Baljinder Sekhon

Links no.11 for three vibraphones by Stuart Saunders Smith

Sun for three percussionists by Baljinder Sekhon

Trombone Trio for trombone, percussion, and piano by Charles Wuorinen


Son of the Man with the Golden Arms for percussion quartet and drum set solo by Nicole Lizée

Claivers from Pleiades for percussion sextet by Iannis Xenkais

Cloud Polyphonies for percussion sextet by James Wood

Third Construction for four percussionists by John Cage

Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot for Pierrot Ensemble[plus percussion] and voice by Peter Maxwell Davies

Sextet for percussion quartet and two pianists by Steve Reich

Drumming for percussion ensemble by Steve Reich

Double Sextet for two sextets by Steve Reich

Workers Union by Louis Andriessen


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